• Transition Your Wardrobe for Spring

    It’s time to get rid of all those items you have been wearing for the past few months and get ready for Spring. I’ve already pulled out all my Spring shoes and put my boots into the storage bin and I’m getting ready to put away my heavy sweaters in the spare closet and put my dresses front and centre. I’ve listed some other quick and easy tips on how you can get your closet ready for Spring without spending any money. Target Kimono | Material Girl via Hudson’s...
  • Spring Outfit Idea – Floral Pencil Skirts

    Spring is here, well kind of. My wardrobe is becoming Spring ready but the weather seems to be wanting to wait a little longer before giving us all that sunshine we are craving. I had been eyeing this skirt at Hudson’s Bay Company for a while so when I finally saw it marked down the other weekend, I picked it up. I can’t wait to start pulling out my other skirts and change over my closet and tuck away those bulky sweaters. Who’s with me? Guess Floral Skirt (exact) |...
  • DIY Dollar Store Spring Decor Ideas

    diy dollar store decor spring
    With every season I enjoy changing up the small decor pieces within my home and since I recently purchased a house and am no longer living in an apartment it can be a bit harder to fill the spaces while staying on a budget. I headed to my local dollar store and found some great items like faux flowers, clothes pin, washi tape, etc that all came in very handy. Also, do you guys ever go to the dollar store for one item but then actually leave with a...
  • Getting Hippy with it – Styling Kimonos for Spring

            Kimonos scream Spring. They are light, airy and provide that perfect level of coverage when you are sitting on a patio drinking sangria. Now that I just painted a picture of that in my head, I cannot wait for the warmer weather to arrive. I picked this one up last year while visiting LA to see The Ellen Show at one of my favourite stores, Cotton On. What I love about this one, or really any kimono is the fact that you can wear it hanging...
  • Polka Dot Jeans

    As you may have seen in my Instagram photos, I recently got a little puppy. He is super cute but definitely likes to be around anyone and everybody hint why he is in these photos. He’s still a little pup that I can’t leave him alone on the main floor because he will guarantee get into some wires or something. If any of you guys have dogs and have any tips for a new puppy owner like myself, please leave them below! Target Canada Ripped Polka Dot Jeans (pretty damn similar!) |...
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