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DIY Ash Pokemon Jacket for Halloween

DIY Ash Pokemon Jacket Tutorial for Halloween

Well, I am back with the Halloween ideas but this week I’m back with a DIY Ash Pokemon Jacket Tutorial! I’ve been doing a few Pokemon-related Halloween costume ideas this year. The release of Pokemon Go has brought back the hype of Pokemon so why not go costume crazy! Be sure to also check out my DIY Pokeball Costume. This DIY Ash Pokemon Jacket Tutorial is super easy to make and involved very…

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diy pokeball costume, pokeball costume, diy pokeball, pokemon halloween costume

DIY Pokeball Costume | Pokemon Inspired

Okay, so I know that it is only September but I can still get excited for Halloween and start creating some fun Halloween costumes for you guys, right? My first DIY Halloween Costume for 2016 is this DIY Pokeball Costume that was SO simple to make, I couldn’t believe it. The DIY Pokeball costume uses all items that you can find at the dollar store and most likely your closet. As…

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Easy Outside Workouts

People always say that they want to get into shape before the summer but what about after the summer? I think that it’s important to stay in shape and exercise all year long. Not only will you feel better about yourself but you will keep your energy out during the colder seasons. While these Easy Outdoor Workouts are using a bench that I found at a local hike spot, you…

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Floral Midi Skirt, orange and pink skirt, style we skirt

Floral Midi Skirt

I’m a huge fan of floral midi skirts which is why I am surprised that I don’t own a whole ton of them – I’m pretty sure this is only my second. When StyleWe approached me to do a review of one of the items on their website I knew that one of their floral Midi Skirts would be the perfect pick. I picked one of the floral midi skirts that had…

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FYSH UK Sunglasses

Last Few Summer Outfits

Well, the last few summer days are coming to an end. Well maybe, lets hope that it’s like last year when it was still pretty warm in October because no one wants to go out for Halloween with the chilly weather, am I right? With these last few days of summer, I’m trying to soak it all in and wear every single skirt, short, cute top I own because soon…

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10 Uses for Essential Oils

10 Uses for Essential Oils with Thursday Plantation

  A lot of people just look at essential oils and think “Wow, these are strong, what would I use them for?” Well, I am here to save the day and answer those questions for you. There are so many ways to use essential oils that you will be heading back to the store to buy more. Thursday Plantation was nice enough to send me a few bottles of their…

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Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Cluth

Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Clutch

DIY Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Tassel Bag Tutorial  Pretty sure I have written about my Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Clutch before but I didn’t fully style it, why not do it now! Okay, well…it’s not exactly a Rebecca Minkoff bag but it is my DIY version of it. If you haven’t checked out the tutorial if it yet, make sure you do that. It seems like this past summer, just about everything has…

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Looky Brow Review

How to Get Your Brow Game on Point | Looky Brow Review

Brows are like the new…something! What was the hot beauty thing before brows? Your brows basically define your face and are in my opinion, one of the most important features that you should keep on top of. Today, I’m going to do a quick review of Looky Brow by elle R Cosmetiques.  Looky Brow uses brow fibres that help to fill in the area of your brows that are a…

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Back to School Shopping Haul

Time for another haul and this time it’s a back to school haul. Although I am graduated, it doesn’t mean that I can’t go shopping for September goodies plus it seems like everything in the mall right now is on sale so it’s the perfect time to go buy new items. Like everything! I’ve seen people scoring earings for a $1 at H&M. This Back to School Haul video includes…

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cheese and crackers board

Fun Summer Accessories

The best part of summer is the fact you are able to spend a ton of time outside with friends and family and just relax. Adam and I took some time this year to really think about what we wanted to do with our backyard so we could create a space that would allow us to have everyone over. This included not only the furniture but also decor pieces for…

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