Loft Canada Winter 2015 Jacket

OOTD | Winter Jackets

It’s no shock that I hate winter, I would much rather be able to run out the door without ever having to bundle. However, I do love living in Canada so I really don’t have much of a choice. Over the past couple years, I have decided to expand my coat collection in order to be able to feel like I’m wearing something different throughout the winter. If you’ve been…

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Shopbop | Buy More Save More SALE

Shopbop is at it again with the biggest sale of the year! Be sure to head over to their site to see what you can pick up. Remember they have more than just clothes. They have household items, decor and much more. There is pretty much something for anyone in the family. Shop just some of the items below, click each photo for more info.

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OOTD | DIY Turtleneck Sleeveless Sweater

You might remember this DIY I did last week where I turned a jean jacket into a sweater jean jacket by swapping out the sleeves. Well, this week I’m back with another DIY using the remaining items from the DIY. I hate wasting items so when I find ways to re-use the scraps from my crafts I get very happy! I didn’t really like the sleeves that were on this turtleneck…

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YouTube | DIY Leg Warmers

Creating your own items can be a lot of fun and rewarding. I’ve had this old sweater that has been sitting in my closet for ages and then it went to the sell box, etc and finally made it back into my closet as I really liked the fabric and thought it could eventually be used as a DIY. I’ve never worn leg warmers before, but I kept seeing them on…

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OOTD | 100% Canadian Designs, Miik

This past weekend, I had my cousin’s wedding to attend which meant that I was in need of a fall dress to wear to it. I wanted something that would keep me warm with the cooler temperatures so when I saw this Miik dress with the long-sleeves I knew it would be perfect. Miik is a 100% Canadian company with their dyes, fabrics, and designs coming from the Toronto area….

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Bloggers Gone Wild

The other week some of us bloggers had the opportunity to head to Fontana Studio downtown Toronto for some pampering and a much-needed girls night. Although, us bloggers get to see each other events here and there it’s nice to actually catch up and have some time to talk about something else than blogging. You might not know this, but a lot of us actually hang out outside of the…

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OOTD | Knee Highs With Fall Dresses

One of the best ways to convert your summer dresses into fall wear is pairing them with knee high socks. Now sometimes I get a litter nervous wearing this style as it feels very school girlish but overall it’s a very cute look that helps make your dresses extra versatile. When wearing this style, I like to keep most of the outfit very simple as the eyes usually go to…

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OOTD | Hats Off…Child’s Hat?!

Okay so..not sure why I am going to admit this but overall I think it is pretty funny. When I recently when to Joe Fresh and spotted this hat, I loved it and loved that fact that it wasn’t too big on my head and yes I did find that weird since every hat I look at is always too big for my head and makes me look silly. One…

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OOTD | Styling Oversized Clothing

I was recently asked to review an item from REVOLVE Clothing and had the opportunity to choose from a few different items. They had some super cute unique sweaters will funny slogans or with food images on it, but I decided to go with a sweater that I could wear around the house but also to work on casual Friday. The sweater reminds me of something that would be great if…

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YouTube | DIY Jean Jacket Tutorial

I’ve had this jean jacket sitting in my closet for almost a year now. I picked it up on a clearance rack at Ardene (one of the best places for DIY materials) and had the idea of doing this DIY with it but was always a bit nervous to get started but this week I got my butt in gear and did it! I hope you guys like it!

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OOTD | Can a Colour Wheel Really Help You Dress?

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see from some of my daily fashion posts that I like to pair green and purple together. I originally never thought about pairing this combo together but about 2 years ago I printed off a colour wheel and stuck it in my closet. The colour wheel shows you which ones pair the best together and I was actually surprised at some of…

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