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Justin Timberlake #PricelessSurprises MasterCard Canada Videos

As promised, here are the wonderful videos that the MasterCard Canada team put together of my #PricelessSuprises from Justin Timberlake! You can check out my full post of the experience here where I talk about the whole experience and my selfie with Justin Timberlake. I couldn’t be more happy with the way the videos turned out […]

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The Time I Met Justin Timberlake :: MasterCard #PricelessSuprises

I remember seeing this contest online where it said “What would you do if you got #PricelessSuprises from Justin Timberlake?” and I just kept thinking…what would I do? I have been a huge fan ever since my mom came home one day with *NSYNCs first album and I was hooked. I remember bugging all my […]