Featured DIY Project on the Marilyn Dennis Show

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When I first started this blog, I never thought that it would have lead me to the amazing opportunities I receive. But, most importantly introduced me to some other amazing and inspiring Girl Bosses.

Last week I was presented with an opportunity that I NEVER thought would have happened. I was asked to feature one of my DIY Projects on The Marilyn Dennis Show! While I was super scared as it was my first time doing a TV performance, I was also losing my mind in excitement. The segment was all about Instagram DIYs that features DIYs from myself and two other talented bloggers.

You might remember the DIY Patch Skirt that I created a couple months back. I re-created this project on the show while also talking about two of my other popular DIYS.  My DIY Flamingo Hat was showcased as well as my DIY Splattered Jean Jacket which shows how to create a white/gold jean jacket.

Be sure to check out the clip below of the segment! Thanks to everyone at The Marilyn Dennis Show for having me. Don’t forget to check out the other two DIYers – My Little Secrets and The Learner Observer.

Featured DIY Project on the Marilyn Dennis Shown – Watch the Segment HERE!

Featured DIY Project on the Marilyn Dennis Show

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