Luxury Smart Bracelet + WIN One For Yourself

Luxury Smart Bracelet

When I first saw the email come in about this new Luxury Smart Bracelet – I couldn’t wait to give it a try! Smart watches are awesome but they are not always the nicest looking. Just like any other smartwatch, you download the WiseWear app and it starts tracking your daily active minutes. In addition to that, the app also tracks your calories burned, steps and distance. You can even set goals!

The coolest feature is the distress feature. Socialite’s unique safety feature allows you to send a silent distress signal to your emergency contacts via a text message and a drop pin to your exact Google maps GPS location.  If you are using an Android phone, in addition to a text with GPS location, an actual call is placed to the first person listed in your emergency contacts and audio from that call is recorded and stored locally on your phone.

WiseWear, a boutique engineering firm, designs beautifully connected products that are fashion fused with threads of technology. Their debut Socialite Collection has a retail range of $295 – $345 and showcases smart jewelry made with invisible electronics and sensors; a seamless blend of fashion and function, so you’ll never have to sacrifice one for the other.

Luxury Smart Bracelet

Luxury Smart Bracelet Quick Facts

  • Distress Messaging
    •  In an urgent situation, tap the bottom half of your bracelet to notify your emergency contacts with a text message and drop pin to your GPS location.
  • Mobile Notifications.
    • Gentle vibrations notify you to check your phone for important calls, texts, emails, calendar events and low phone battery.
  • Activity Tracking:
    • Track your daily and weekly activity, including step count, distance, calories burned and active time. Set your goals and monitor your progress on the mobile app.

Luxury Smart Bracelet

Want to win one for yourself? Follow the steps below to enter:

  1. Like, Comment and tag a friend on this photo on Instagram
  2. Follow Myself and WiseWear on Instagram
  3. Comment on this blog post with what style of the WiseWear Socialite Collection you like the best with your Instagram name.

Contest ends June 9th, 2017.

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