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DIY Canada Day Shoes

What better way to celebrate Canada Day, then with some patriotic shoes. With that said, this week’s DIY is DIY Canada Day Shoes.

I have done Canada Day DIYs in the past, like shorts (Click here for the DIY Canada Day Shorts) but this year I wanted to do something a little different. I got the idea from browsing at Old Navy and saw little baby Canada Day shoes with maple leafs all over them.

I originally wanted to do a DIY like this but…

  1. I suck at drawing
  2. I couldn’t find a maple leaf stamp
  3. my tracing of a leaf sucked (look closely at the DIY, you will see pencil marks)

With that said, I came to the conclusion of using the Pet Bandana I picked up as fabric to cover the top of the shoe. Not only that but to also cover my horrible first attempt at DIYing these shoes.

These DIY Canada Day Shoes are a great example of a DIY gone bad but turned good again! Thank goodness because I hate wasting a good piece of clothing!

What do you guys think of these shoes?