Maternity Clothing You Need

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When I first got pregnant finding clothes to fit wasn’t an issue. The first 3 months are a breeze (unless you got morning sickness) but clothes-wise, everything you already own, still fits. Then fast forward a few months. Your jeans won’t button up, your favourite tops won’t go over your bump or your dresses will go over your bump but it’s leaving them way to short to even wear in public. I’ve experienced all 3 of these!

As I was mostly pregnant during the summer months I’ve put together a list of items that I found completely necessary to have.

What Maternity Clothes Do I Really Need

Maternity Shorts

If you’re pregnant in the warmer months, a good pair of shorts are mandatory. I personally only got one pair as I work in an office during the week so I only really needed shorts for the weekend. When ordering shorts, I would suggest going a size up from your normal sizing. I went with the same size and I found they got tighter around the thighs the further along I was in my pregnancy.

I shopped for my cute maternity clothes including shorts at PinkBlush.

Maternity Dresses

This is my favourite by far – maternity dresses! You can dress them up, down and everything in between. I’m able to wear all these dresses to work but also on the weekends. What I like even better is that they’re not restricting and give so much for the growing belly. I personally liked having a combo of fitted dresses and looser ones as it depended on how I felt that day to which kind of dress I’d pick to wear. For sizing, I stuck with a small for all and I was usually an XS-S pre-pregnancy. So, definitely stick with the same sizing you were before getting pregnant.

Maternity Jeans

Same with the shorts, I only ended up picking up two pairs of jeans for my pregnancy. One basic black pair to wear to work and a ripped pair for over the weekends. I didn’t feel it was necessary to get too many pairs.

Maternity Shirts

Now that I am getting further along in my pregnancy finding shirts to wear have been hard. I was getting away with wearing my oversized shirts I already had in my closest but with the growing belly and boobs, it’s not so easy anymore. I’d say pick up a few maternity shirts with the good stretch to the sides but also just start investing in nursing shirts. With only 2-3 months left I know that nursing shirts are going to get a lot more wear as I’m going to need them after compared to the fitted shirts.

My Current Maternity Outfits

Shop the dresses above:

  1. Light Palm Print Maxi Maternity Dress
  2. Off the Shoulder Coral Maternity Dress
  3. Long Sleeve Tie Maternity Shirt
  4. Burgandy Nursing Maternity Shirt
  5. Ripped Pink Maternity Dress
  6. Navy Pin Striped Maternity Dress

Disclaimer: clothing provided for this post was gifted from PinkBlush.

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