How to Take Your Own Blog Photos

Especially when travelling, it can be hard to get that perfect blog photo. However, over the years I have discovered a few tricks that help me to take my own blog photos without having to bother someone else.

We all have that ‘instant husband’ but I honestly, don’t like to bug him if I don’t have to. I’ve rounded up my 3 favourite ways to take my own photos, especially when on vacation.

Tips for Taking Your Own Blog Photos

1. Use a Tripod and Camera Wifi

This is one of my favourite ways to take my own photo. Especially when on vacation, I use this trick. While on my recent vacation, I used my Canon G7X and a gorilla tripod. Sometimes the tripod worked on its own but the great this with this tripod is that it can grip to anything. 

I stuck it onto of one of the giant chess pieces at my resort and using the wifi option and the app on my phone I could see what I was taking a photo of. It even works as a remote so I put the camera on a 2-sec timer so I can press the button and then quickly hide the phone. You can see above is how I can the camera set up and then to the right is the photo that I took. Overall, not too shabby!

Tip: Wake up early so there are none/fewer strangers in the background of your photos. This also reduces the number of people that stare at you and wonder what you’re doing. 

2. Use a Drone

While this might not the most affordable option but if you do have a drone, they definitely help with taking photos and videos.

The Mavic Pro, allows you to adjust settings to take either portrait or landscape photos.  There is also an option where the drone will automatically take photos every 5 seconds until you stop it. This helps when trying to take a photo in water or on a beach. You can simply keep posing and most likely there will be a few good photos by the end.

3. Work With Another Blogger


This is one of my favourite ways to get blog photos. Simply, work with another blogger. I’m lucky to have a few blogger friends that live close by and we often get together for 1-2 hours and take photos.

We both bring our cameras and swap turns taking photos of each other. Starting with one outfit, we take each other’s photos then go back to our car, change outfits and take more photos. Yes, we change in our cars. Usually, we shoot pretty early in the morning so no one is around.

How do you take your photos?

How to Take Your Own Blog Photos
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