3 Day Guide to the Bahamas, Paradise Island (Nassau)

3 Day Guide to the Bahamas

3 Day Guide to the Bahamas

Day 1:


Relax at your hotel. You can’t come all the way to the Bahamas and not spend at least one of your days relaxing by your hotel’s pool. If you’re visiting the Bahamas on a cruise, a lot of hotels offer day passes that you can purchase or skip to Day Two for some tour guide suggestions.

Looking for a hotel for the day? We stayed at the Warwick Hotel (Watch my Warwick Paradise Island Hotel Tour Video) and loved it. It’s a new hotel, so it’s super clean and modern. It’s located on Paradise Island and has a great view of all the beautiful yachts coming in. They also offer made to order pizza, burgers and more throughout the day, ending at 6pm.

Pro Tip: Bring a floatie and bubba (insulated cup) with you. There’s nothing better than relaxing in a pool with a cold drink.

If you’re staying at an all-inclusive the bubba will still be handy as you won’t need to get refills as often. If your hotel is not an all-inclusive this will allow you to make cheaper drinks in your room and bring them down to the pool area. Tip: pick up your drink selections at the duty-free

Day 2:

Go Sightseeing!

There are many things to see, so I am going to give you three different options, as everyone’s preference is different.

3 Day Guide to the Bahamas

3 Day Guide to the Bahamas

Option 1: Book a day boat trip to the Exumas. The Exumas is a beautiful island near Nassau that is a must see. There are many tour companies that you can go with but please make sure you book ahead and DO NOT just book with someone off the main beach. This is unsafe and not worth the low-cost they are quoting you. Still, want to take that cheap tour? Read this story here:

My boyfriend and I booked with Hidden Beaches who offer an amazing day tour to see Iguana Island, the Swimming Pigs, Nursing Sharks, Staniel Cay Yacht Club and more. Everything including your lunch, snacks, drinks (yes, there is beer) are included in the tour price. Watch my Exumas video.


Option 2: Head to the straw market and downtown area. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking to purchase any souvenirs or just want to walk around and explore. Another popular place to explore if you get the chance is the Queen’s Staircase. Located on Elizabeth Avenue South, it’s the perfect place for photos.


Option 3: If you’re staying on Paradise Island, rent a bicycle and explore. Since the Paradise Island area is pretty small, you could probably fit this in with one of the other activities above. As mentioned we stayed at the Warwick Paradise Island and if you start biking away from The Atlantis, you’ll come across this beautiful garden area (I think it’s part of a hotel) and across the street is a ruins and a waterfront view.

Day 3:

3 Day Guide to the Bahamas

3 Day Guide to the Bahamas

Book a day pass to The Atlantis Paradise Island.

You’re able to walk around the casino area of the hotel but if you’re looking to try the amazing waterslides offered at The Atlantis as well as see the marine life, book a day pass. There are security guards all around the hotel that will ask for a room key or to see your wristband.

Watch my video of ALL the watersides at The Atlantis Paradise Island.

If you’re staying on Paradise Island, you can easily walk to The Atlantis from your hotel. If you are not saying on Paradise Island, you can easily call a cab to take you over.

While you’re at Paradise Island, take some time and visit Cabbage Beach. Both The Atlantis and RIU hotels are located right on this beach. The Atlantis has a private area for their guests but further down near the RIU you can purchase a coconut rum drink for $20 and can have it re-filled all day long. They are very fruity drinks but if you like that, it’s a great deal!