Create a Straw Bag From the Dollar Store

DIY Dollar Store Straw Bag

I know straw bags were huge last year but it seems like the trend is continuing into this year as well. While I was walking around the dollar store the other week I spotted some straw placemats and then some straw string for only a few bucks. Seeing these items obviously got my DIY brain moving and I knew I had to try this DIY.

Check out the video below for a full tutorial on how to create a Straw Bag using only items from the dollar store. I do suggest when doing this DIY, go light when using the glue gun. I didn’t go as light as I should have and I can see some glue on the outside of my bag. I’m also super picky and I think we tend to see more flaws in our own creations compared to others.

Overall, I’m super impressed with how this DIY turned out. It’s much better than my Failed DIY from the other week. I’ve also taken the bag out a few times and it hasn’t fallen apart so it’s a definite¬†win! Follow me on Instagram to see more of this DIY!

DIY Dollar Store Straw Bag Tutorial

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