Where to Take Blog Photos in Hamilton

While Toronto photo locations are highly talked about I feel like sometimes the areas outside the GTA are missed. Since I am a Hamilton/Stoney Creek resident I thought that I would share some of my favourite locations. I’m sure there are other bloggers or photographers out there that will find this helpful.

Nadya Toto

Nadya Toto

Nadya Toto

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Where to Take Blog Photos in Hamilton

Liuna Gardens

Located in Stoney Creek, near 50 Road is a beautiful place called Liuna Gardens. I would say this location is more popular in the summer. However, if you’re looking for photos by the lake this is a great place! It’s very popular for weddings so try to stay clear on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. See photos I took at Liuna Gardens here.

Stoney Creek Lake Lookouts

At almost every exit if you head towards the water there is a beautiful lookout area. It might not look like much but when the sun is setting it can create amazing backdrops. See photos I took at Lookouts here.

Beamer Falls

A very popular place for hikers, but if you’re on the hunt for stunning fall photography or even winter/tree shots then this is your place. You can either start at the top or the bottom as both offer beautiful photos. If you’re looking to change your car for multiple photos (don’t lie, all us bloggers do this!) parking at the bottom is the better choice. Also, don’t limit yourself to just Beamer Falls. Look up different falls in the Hamilton area. The photos taken in this post are from Beamer Falls

Battlefield Park

This is a great location if you’re looking to take multiple photos but want a different backdrop for them. It has pathways, buildings, and gardens – pretty much everything in one spot. It also has free parking. See photos I took at Battlefield Park here.

I hope this post helps if you’re looking for somewhere to shoot in the Hamilton area. Be sure to leave me your favourite places in the comments below!

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