Back to School Alternatives for Adults

Some of you who are reading this might not be in school anymore – like me. However, just because we are no longer in school doesn’t mean that we can’t take advantage of the amazing back to school items that are on sale. We might not need the same type of items that someone in school needs but there definitely are alternatives that we do need! This post is going to be all about the back to school alternatives that we adults need. That feels weird saying adult, I swear it feels like yesterday that I was in University. And with that last sentence, I feel old again.

Back to School Shopping for Adults

1. Backpack → New Purse

When back to school time rolls around a new backpack was first on everyone’s list. Instead of a backpack, why not pick up a new purse? With backpack purses being huge this year you’re basically combining the two. I don’t know what other reason you need to pick up a new bag!



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Pencil Crayons → Coloured Pens

Who else remembers always asking their mom for a new set of pencil crayons everywhere even though your current set was perfectly fine? Luckily now you can pick up pencil crayons online for under $10. Nowadays instead of pencil crayons (unless you’re super into the adult colouring books) you’re probably on the hunt for cute pens and sharpies. I’m personally OBSESSED with my coloured pens and use them to help colour coat items in my planner.

Check out the 1st set of coloured pens below as they are UNDER $5!


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Notebook → Cute Planner

I use to be crazy about my binders and notebooks. Now, I have tons of notebooks lying around my house that I never use. Instead, I am planner obsessed. I love finding cute new planners every year to use each year, especially the ones that come with stickers and pockets to hold my coupons and notes! Below are my favourites – I currently have the Bando, I’m Very Busy Planner and LOVE it.


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Waterbottle → Drinking Cup

Last but not least are water bottles but instead, I bet you’re always on the hunt for a cute tumbler cup for the cottage. I have the blue mason jar cups that I’ve listed below and I use them for just about anything. When I go to friends houses for cottage weekends, I always bring one along. I love them because then I always know which drink is mine and with the lid, it’s child proof…or should I say adult proof?


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