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American Eagle Summer Dress 2017

American Eagle Summer Dress 2017

American Eagle Summer Dress 2017

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I remember a few summer backs heading to a bachelorette party and it was raining all day! Since I would be walking all day, I knew I needed a comfy pair of shoes to wear. Not only did I want something comfy but something that would keep my feet dry. Looking back, I WISH I had these Cougar Rain Sneakers. That day, I opted for a normal pair of sneakers and not only did my feet get soaked but they were so cold by the end of the day. Not a fun way to walk around wineries all day.

I had never heard of waterproof sneakers before, sure boots but not sneakers. What I liked most about these shoes was that they offer a cushion feel. I’m like a grandma when it comes to shoes. If I know I’ll be walking around a lot in a day, or let’s be honest, just heading to the mall I instantly put on a pair of shoes that offer a little more support. Also, did I mention they have a waterproof PINEAPPLE pattern? I was torn on getting the pineapple pair or these simple beige but in the end, I went with the simple pair as they are so versatile!

Is it weird that as write this post, it’s pouring outside?

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Cougar Boots provided me with a pair of shoes for review. All opinions are my own.