ATVing in Aruba

ATVing in Aruba

As mentioned in my Aruba Travel Guide, ATVing around Aruba is one of the best ways to see the island. Before heading out on our trip we were looking for a good way to ensure we saw everything we wanted to in Aruba. While researching we found that renting a car or taking an ATV tour were the best options. As we wanted a little more of an adventure, there was no question that ATVs were the best answer.

Kini Kini Tours offers two daily tours, an AM and a PM option that takes you to all the hot spots in Aruba. We booked for the AM tour and got picked up at our hotel around 8:30 am for a 9 am the tour.

You begin the tour by going to the Kini Kini Tours office to get briefed on the experience and get you set up with your ATV and helmets. You have the option to book a 1-person or two-person ATV.

While on the tour you will have the opportunity to see the following places in Aruba:

  • Alto Vista Chapel
  • Baby Natural Bridge
  • Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins
  • Natural Pool

You will also get to see many different towns and areas of Aruba. Don’t forget to sunscreen your hands as they will burn easily! I know from experience.

To see more about ATVing in Aruba, check out the YouTube video below.

ATVing in Aruba Video