Onare Hair Salon in Mississauga Review

Onare Hair Salon in Mississauga Review

When Onare approached me to come into their salon for a hair service it was hard to say no – I am just about to leave on vacation and was desperate for a haircut. There is something about having a fresh cut that just makes your hair feel a million times better.

“Our award winning style and commitment to excellence has helped launch the careers of some familiar faces, and our work has been recognized and noted by several magazines, such as Flare, Toronto Fashion, Wish, Glow, among many others. With a passion for individuality, creativity is combined with knowledge to inspire and create looks that help define your personal style, seamlessly integrating intelligent hairstyles with modern trend.”

I walked into the salon and was greeted by many friendly and happy people – giving Onare salon such a warm and welcoming feeling. I waited not even a minute before my stylist came and brought me to his chair. We talked quickly about what I wanted to do with my hair, which was to not cut a lot off as I am trying to grow the front ends to around the same length as the rest. I was happy that he gave me a suggestion to not a form of bob to help give the illusion of the hair being more one length.

Next, was the hair wash. Anyone else love this part of getting your hair cut? Nice smelling shampoo and conditioner and a head massage that just almost put me to sleep!

I was in the salon for about an hour since I was just getting a cut. What I loved most was the detail and patience that was taken. I even got some great tips on how to do different types of curls with a 1-inch curling iron which I am definitely going to be doing more often!

Big thanks to Onare Salon for having me in their salon! If you’re looking for a new salon in the Mississauga area, definitely give them a try.

Onare Hair Mississauga

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Red top and Blue Jeans

Hair: Onare Salon Mississauga c/o | William Rast Jeans | Wal-Mart Red Shirt | DIY Lace Up Flats (stay tuned for DIY)