Create Lace Up Shoes for $1 | DIY Tutorial

DIY Dollar Store Lace Up Flats

Time for some DIY Dollar Store Lace Up Flats! I’ve seen this trend just about everywhere which got me thinking that I should DIY it. I was looking into purchasing a pair but even at Winners they were around $40 which was a bit much for just a pair of flats.

These flats that I used for the tutorial are from Giant Tiger, are are under $20. I picked them up at a recent media event that I went to but even if you had to purchase them they are super affordable and comfy. They also come in a few different colours. You could also use a pair of flats that you already have to keep the cost down on making these shoes.

You’ll see in the tutorial how easy it is to make these shoes which just using a pack of ribbon from the dollar store which was $1. Making these lace up shoes only costing me $1 to create. Pretty darn good if you ask me. Check out the video below to see the DIY dollar store lace up flats tutorial.

Let me know how you guys like this tutorial and if you have tried something similar before or if you’re going to try this DIY – which I think you should….just saying!

DIY Dollar Store Lace Up Flats Tutorial

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DIY Dollar Store Lace Up Flats

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