Canadian Rum Review and Recipe

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New to hit the Canadian LCBO shelves is a Quebec based spiced rum called Chic Choc Spied Rum. It tastes good and the name is fun to say too! Chic Choc Spiced Rum, is made in Canada and is produced with six indigenous spices, creating a fresh take on rum that features a spicy bouquet with nuances of sugar cane and cinnamon, complemented by a subtle peppery tone.

A few weekends ago (might have seen it on my Instagram), Dee of Liner and Glitter and Gloss, Oh My! and myself created some fun cocktails using the new Canadian-based rum. To make the cocktail fun and exciting, we cut a pineapple in half and carved out the insides to create a pineapple cup. Next we poured in 1oz of Chic Choc Spiced Rum and topped the rest of the glass with pineapple juice and club soda. Lastly, we had to include a party umbrella!

The drink tasted delicious and it’s not even that bad when you drink it on it’s own – if you like that type of strong drink!

Drawing its inspiration from the boreal forest of the Chic Choc Mountains in Quebec, Chic Choc Spiced Rum is the only artisanal rum made with a mixture of spices found in this untouched location of the country. Previously only available in Quebec, Chic Choc Spiced Rum can now be found at the LCBO for $33.95.