Get Cooking Challenge with Moulinex

The Get Cooking Challenge, hosted by Moulinex, is a great opportunity for Canadians to put down the take-out menu, reduce their calorie intake and eliminate food waste. By signing up for the challenge on Moulinex, Canadians can save more than $400 a month by using the tools provided by the challenge. The challenge, which launches on September 15 and continues until October 13, is designed by a Registered Dietician for optimal healthy eating. Participants will receive a weekly grocery list and meal plan that makes grocery shopping easy and inexpensive – the quantity of ingredients is listed clearly to eliminate any wasted food.

In addition, to eating healthier and the fact that you won’t be humming and hawing over what to make for dinner every night you will also have the opportunity to win Moulinex applicances during the challenge period.

I will admit, I am part of the quick facts that are noted below. There are sometimes I throw away food because it has gone bad and I didn’t have time to eat it and also there a times I go out for dinner when I have perfectly good food at home waiting to be cooked, which is probably why it goes bad. It’s a bad cycle. I am going to take part in this challenge but because I don’t eat a lot of red meat I will be adjusting the menu a bit to fit my needs which might be a bit more work, but I’m going to give it a shot. With going to the gym more lately, I think it’s time I treat my body better and put healthier food in it.

Quick Facts:

  • Canadians spend roughly $2,500 eating out at restaurants annually
  • Home cooking is healthier than eating out; the average person could reduce their calorie intake enough to loose 22lbs in one year
  • The average household throws away over $2,000 in spoiled groceries per year as a result of poor meal planning

By signing up you get:

  • A weekly Moulinex healthy meal plan designed by Registered Dietician and food expert on the Marilyn Denis Show, Abbey Sharp
  • Custom grocery lsits so no food is wasted by reusing ingredients and leftovers during the week
  • Weekly chance to win Moulinex kitchen appliance, to make life easier!

Click the link below for an example menu that would be sent to you.

Week 1 MONDAY with pictures