5 Successful Ways to Shop for Jewelry

1. Know What You’re Looking For

Before shopping for anything, make sure that you know what you’re looking for. For jewelry, this includes knowing what style you want, the shape, the colour etc. This will make the decision and limiting your selection a lot easier.

2. Know Your Price Points

Before going into a jewellery store, or looking online make sure that you know what price range you’re willing to spend. This is like buying a car, there are always people who will try and talk you into buying something that isn’t in your budget to make their own commission higher. Stick with your gut and in your price range and you will never walk out disappointed.

3. Practice Your Bargain Skills

Maybe, not so much online but in stores there is always room for you to get a discount. The trick is don’t act over excited about a certain piece (even if it is EXACTLY what you’re looking for). Be sure to ask in a calm way and ask “What’s the best price you can offer?” to get the conversation started. Never be afraid to ask, the worst they can say is No and then you know that got the best deal you could.

4. Don’t Let it Become a Chore

Shopping should always be fun! If it starts feeling like a hassle, take a little break and come back when you’re ready. You don’t want to end up buying something that isn’t what you exactly wanted just because you wanted to get it over with.

5. Shop Online First

Taking a look online is the best way in my opinion to find exactly what you want. The options are endless! Since, I’m a huge online shopper/browser I put together some of my favourite pieces I found online! I’d love to hear about your jewelry shopping experiences in the comments below and which designs below are your favourites. Since a lot of anniversary seem to be around the summer, be sure to check out these diamond anniversary rings.



Delightful Diamond and Gem Eternity Ring



Delightful Diamond Eternity Ring


Circled Gemstone Diamond Stud Earrings


Perfect Petals Diamond Stud Earrings


Triple Row Diamond Necklace


Classic Colored Stone bracelet