Toronto Blue Jays in 4k


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Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Anyone else still sings this every time they go to a Baseball game? This past weekend I head to Toronto to see the Toronto Blue Jays play the Yankees. While it was a slower game, right at the end they pulled through and won the game! Yay! For the game, I opted for my Jays hat and shirt, because it’s a must. Since it was on the colder side, I guess summer is completely gone, I swapped shorts for ripped jeans. Lastly, comfy runners because no one wears heels to a sports game.

toronto blue jays gear, what to wear to a jays game

Heading to Toronto to watch a Toronto Blue Jays Game is amazing but seeing the game live and being able to watch the Toronto Blue Jays in 4k is even better. I finally got to see my first live Blue Jays Game of the season! Not only did we have amazing seats thanks to the Rogers Suite but there were also 4k TV’s set up everywhere.

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Once you go 4k, you won’t want to go back! Rogers 4K lets you feel like you’re right at the game even if you’re sitting at home on your couch. Even though we were at the game, it was still nice to have the option to sit inside the suite and get the same feel of the game with the 4K TV.

Now if they could just make watching The Bachelor in 4K! We could feel like we are at the Rose Ceremonies!

Learn more about Rogers 4K here and how you can watch the Toronto Blue Jays in 4K!