His and Her Winter Essentials

Winter Boots for Icy, Cold Weather

Finding good quality boots for the winter can be tough. I know this first hand. Last year I remember wearing my little black ankle boots which looked nice but living in Canada we are known to having a lot of ice throughout the colder months. As mentioned these boots looked nice but I was constantly sliding everywhere and almost falling multiple times.

With a new baby here, I knew I had to be a little more practical with my boot choices. No slipping and sliding is going to happen this year but my new little cargo.

His and Her Winter Essentials

Picking the Perfect Winter Boot

I partnered up with BOGS footwear to share with you some of their winter boots and how they are perfect to combat the cold, frigid winters. What I loved about shopping on BOGS website was that they easily let you select the type of boot you’re looking for – ie. winter, casual, rain, etc. Next, they let you select the Temp of the boot you’re looking for – Cool (Below 30 °F/0 °C), Cold (Below 0 °F/-18 °C) or Frigid (Below -20 °F/-30 °C). I went for Cool!

Next, was the hard part because there are so many cute boots to choose from. I was stuck between a few different options. In the end, went with the Sweetpea Winter Boot. I chose the ankle boot as I liked how I could easily slip them on, making it easy when running out the door with a newborn. They are also waterproof leather, have rebound cushioning, plush lining for warmth and has a comfort rating to -4F°/-20°C. They also have Bogs Max-Wick which evaporates sweat to keep feet dry.

For the men boots, Adam opted for the Classic Ultra Mid Boot which is also 100% waterproof and is comforted rated to -40°F. They are perfect for our Canadian winters. He wanted a pair of boots that were going to be warm and were easy to slip on for winter hikes and shovelling the driveway. Since wearing them he’s mentioned multiple times how comfy they are due to the internal midsole the boot offers.

I even had a friend reach out and mention that her boss owns these boots who works in a winery and has no issue wearing them all day, every day.

Winter Jackets

The next item I was thinking of when it came to winter essentials was a jacket. Especially here in Canada, having a winter jacket that actually keeps you warm is so important.

Toboggan is a Canadian company that offers a wide selection of winter jackets for men, women and kids. What I loved about their selection of jackets is that they offered some with a simple look and others with a little more flare.

As much I loved the coloured jackets, I think having a simple black winter jacket is ideal. It goes with everything and having a jacket that covers your butt is a 100% win for me. When it gets to the freezing temps, my tighs are one body part that always gets cold so the longer jackets help.

The Sienna Parka offers a slim fit, mid-thigh length, wind and water-resistant. Also has a detachable hood with removable faux fur and polar fleece lined front pockets. You never realize how nice fleeced lined pockets are until you have them! I found these jackets run a bit smaller than normal, so in my opinion, try sizing up. I got a size small and usually, with jackets, I get an xs. The extra room helps with any bulky clothing you may be wearing underneath.

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As for the men’s jackets, Adam opted for the Tomas Parka in army green. Wind and water-resistant he’s been saying it’s the perfect jacket for our cold winters. Adam is always outside in the evenings when it is a lot colder to walk the pup or to shovel the driveway. So, the fact that he can wear this jacket over a t-shirt and be warm is amazing!

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