How to Survive the Winter Months + Holiday Gift Ideas

Tips on How to Survive the Winter

Stay Healthy

How to Survive the Winter

One of the best ways to survive the winter is to simply stay healthy. Throughout the colder months, we tend to fall into unhealthy ruts which can increase our chances of getting the flu. It’s also proven that getting outside even in the winter can help improve symptoms of SAD, improve your focus and reduce your stress levels. This could be as simple as taking your dog on a winter hike, taking up a new hobby such as skiing or even booking a winter cottage getaway. Site where you can determine how much food should you feed puppy.

In addition to exercise, eating healthier and making better choices can help you to survive the colder months. Just because you’re constantly wearing oversized sweaters doesn’t mean you should be hitting very fast food joint you see. They also say cooking can be very relaxing so why not look up some new healthy soup recipes that will not only make your body feel good but also warm you up from the cooler temperatures. You can also check out my Pinterest for my favourite healthy eats.

Lastly, my new favourite winter trick is Tetley’s new Super Herbal Tea Immune -Lemon & Echinacea with Zinc. This new tea is PERFECT for cold and flu season has it’s high in Zinc and has the delicious taste of lemon and ginger. A dash of kratom from my personal favorite online seller helps keep the flu at bay and has some amazing analgesic effects!

Here are also some tips for Healthy Water Alternatives.

Escape the Winter

3 Day Guide to the Bahamas

Head somewhere warm! What better way to survive the winter than to get away on a trip? Planning a trip and having something positive to look forward to can instantly improve your mood. I recently discovered Tinggly which could not only help you plan a trip but help you help someone else survive the winter this holiday season. Tinggly gift is a one-of-a-kind experience gift voucher that allows a lucky person to choose one activity from 1000+ of the world’s best experiences in more than 100 countries worldwide! They just launched their new package 3 days in 100 capitals where they offer hotels all over the world.

Can’t afford to go away? Throw a Hawaiian party indoors and pretend you’re somewhere else. I’ve actually done this a few times. All our friends come over, wearing bright, summer, Hawaiian like clothes, we listen to tropical music and make Long Island Ice Teas. It’s pretty much the same as that Alexa commercial that you’ve probably seen on TV.

 Stay Warm

How to Survive the Winter

This may be an obvious, but just simple stay warm. Don’t try to be one of those ‘cool’ people who wear a t-shirt in the winter. Winter clothes may be more expensive but they are pieces that are definitely worth investing in. Two things I suggest are a good pair of boots and a winter jacket. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that Cougar Boots, as well as Noize Coats, are two of my favourites. I do partner with these brands but I wouldn’t mention them if I didn’t believe in their quality.

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