Create a Straw Tassel Clutch for $10

DIY Straw Tassel Clutch

Since last summer, I’ve been eyeing a Straw Tassel type of bag. I’ve seen a few in the stores but they were all between $40-$50 Canadian which was a little high for a bag that I might only use a few times during the summer.

Creativity struck the other week while I was walking around my local craft store and spotted a ton of plain straw beach accessories. There was everything from clutches, beach bags and hats. I seriously had to hold myself back and not buy them ALL.

I ended up going with the clutch (obviously) and the beach bag which I’m planning on doing another DIY with. Using some embroidery thread that I picked up at the dollar store I was able to create multiple tassels and sew them to the bag creating a similar look to what I’ve been seeing in the store. The best part? It ended up costing me only $10! Check out the full tutorial below.

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DIY Straw Tassel Clutch

DIY Straw Tassel Clutch
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