Finding Your Style

Finding your style can be hard! When looking through my closet the other day I was trying to think of what type of style I have. I tried to pinpoint it but couldn’t. This got me thinking that we don’t always need to have one specific ‘look’ to us. When getting dressed for the day it all depends on my mood. If I’m in a rush then I’m most likely going to grab my favourite pair of jeans and pair it with a simple sweater. If I have more time, I might have a little dress-up dance session and get a little creative.

I really realized the different styles while taking blog photos the other weekend. The first one was a simple red dress that would be perfect for a date night. The other look, I would describe as more of a rocker chic vibe. I find these two looks very different but I love them both. Over the past year, I’ve been trying hard not to keep purchasing the same items as I was noticing a similar look to all my clothes. Now, when I shop I make sure to take a second and try to think if I have anything similar in my closet. If so, I put it back. Pinterest and Instagram help with this as well as the inspiration photos are endless!

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Finding Your Personal Style

Finding Your Personal Style

Wearing: Red Dress | Pink Skirt | Leather Jacket | Black Crop Top | Booties

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