Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas

Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas

When it comes to the holiday seasons, well really any season I love changing up the decor in my home. I use to just focus on the living room but since getting a new bed (read about my Sleepenvie Bed here) and a new mattress. Although, this took so long to find, after speaking to different companies, and reading leesa reviews, I finally managed to find the perfect one! I’ve put a bigger focus on the bedroom. This could because I spend a lot of time here. It’s a place where you always want to feel cozy and I truly believe that starts with creating a space that you love. That’s why today I’m sharing two of my favourite bedroom looks!

Classic White Snowy Bedroom Decor

Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas

The first look is a Classic White Snowy Look. That’s what I’m going to call it. Although, I do think this decor look is perfect for the warmer months.

To start off this decor idea, I started with darker sheets to add some contrast to the room, as my walls are fairly light. I also found the brown was a perfect colour for the fall/winter as I feel it gives a ‘woodys’ feel to the room. To balance out the brown I added a white duvet cover to give it that ‘wintery’ look. If you want to add more winter vibes to your room, try adding some holiday pillows and seasonal decor pieces.

The sheets showcased in this look are the Refined Collection Sateen Sheet Set in Warm Grey from Skylark+Owl. Usually, during the colder months (as I live in Canada) I opt for flannel sheets but the 400 thread count of these 100% Egyptian cotton sheets have a thicker feel to them that doesn’t leave me freezing during the night. A 100% cotton sheet is softer, cooler to the touch, easier to wash, and naturally wicks moisture from your skin which makes them perfect to use all year round. Save 15% with code NELLECREATIONS

Cottage Vibe Winter Bedroom Decor

Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas, plaid, bedroom

The second look has more of a cottage vibe to it which I think screams ‘Winter Vibes!’.

I won’t lie, I got the idea for this set up off an image on Amazon. I was looking for new duvet covers for my king bed and found this image of the Eddie Bauer Plaid duvet cover and completely fell in love with it. The plaid was the perfect addition to the bedroom to create a cozy winter vibe. As it gets SUPER cold here in Canada, I opted for flannel sheets. As my inspiration image shows skiers on the sheets, I went for something similar and picked up these Polar Bear Flannel Sheets. I love how the whole looked came together and couldn’t be happier!

I’m now thinking of getting these two matching pillows for the bed as well!

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