Decorate Your House for Fall on a Budget

Add an Affordable Chunky Knit Blanket

There are so many DIYs out there to create a chunky knit blanket and while it still is on my to-do list to create one, sometimes buying one is easier. Especially for around $100, Amazon has a great selection of cozy chunky knit blankets.

Red Chunky Knit Sweater / Dark Grey Chunky Knit Sweater / White Chunky Knit Sweater / Dark Blue Chunky Knit Sweater

Add in Fall Essentials


One of my favourite ways to change up the look of my home for fall is to swap out simple items. I have a tall vase in my main hallway that I change up every few months. For fall, I simply add in more red/orange decor items as well as faux leaves.

These simple faux leaves (more here) can be added into a vase, wrap them around your stairs or lay them across the fireplace. Another affordable item to add sticks. It may sound weird to buy random branch sticks but I swear they work for everything! Throughout the year I keep the decorative sticks in the vase and add in seasonal items.

What I love about this decor tip is that these items are a one-time investment as I store away the items every year. Much more affordable than buying fresh flowers every week.

Swap Out Your Pillows

Change out the bright, spring/summer coloured pillows for something more fall-like. I didn’t start doing this until last year but now I’m hooked as it adds such a seasonal look to your rooms. The first way you can do this is by picking up your own material and creating pillow cases that can go over your current pillows. Last year I created these DIY Halloween pillows and one of the patterns are glow in the dark!

If you’re not much of a sewer, Amazon has some great deals on fall pillows with really cute sayings. Check out some of my favourites below. All these pillows below are UNDER $10!

Remember if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get FREE shipping and get your items super quick.

Links in order or click on each pillow: Fall Tree Pillow /  Pumpkin Spice Pillow / Leaf PillowHappy Fall Y’all Pillow

Add a New Table Centre Piece


During the spring and summer, I keep a faux flower in a yellow vase on my kitchen table. This is because I cannot keep real flowers alive for the life of me. However, when fall comes I like to switch this out for something more fall-like. Years ago, I found this glass pumpkin jar which I fill with faux leaves (same as the ones I mentioned above) and sometime pinecones – see the DIY here. It’s a simple switch out but I feel it definitely adds a fall feel to the room. I’ve linked some of my favourite pumpkin pieces below, including a Pumpkin Drink Dispenser!

Links in order or click on each image: Pumpkin Drink DispenserPumpkin JarFall Home SignsPumpkin Napkin HoldersFaux Pumpkin Decor