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Long Point Eco Adventures Glamping

Long Point Glamping Eco Adventures

Where to Stay in Norfolk County

Long Point Eco-Adventures.  Staying at Long Point Eo-Adventures is probably one of the best ways to camp. Last year I went camping and it rained the whole time leaving my tent drenched inside and out. This past Canada Day Weekend I spent two nights in the Wilderness Suites and even though it rained, I would say it was even more relaxing. The Wilderness Suites offer a full bed (king or two queen beds), table and chairs, a mini fridge and a fully working bathroom. The coolest thing would have to be the shower – it’s outside allowing you to shower under the stars. Long Point Glamping is the way to camp!

Long Point Eco Adventures Glamping

Long Point Eco Adventures Glamping

Long Point Eco Adventures Glamping

Outside of the Wilderness Suites is your own deck with two chairs and a picnic table off to the side. The glamping process took a lot of the effort out of camping as we didn’t have to set anything up, worry about food or anything else. We packed our belongings, the dog, a few beers and were good to go.

In addition to the Wilderness Suites, Long Point Eco-Adventures also offers Camping Pods, which also contain beds but your bathrooms are outside your pod. There are also Wilderness Pods which also contain a bed and bathroom.

Long Point Eco Adventures Glamping

When you book your stay, breakfast is included which offers everything from yoghurt, fruit, cereal, eggs, sausages, potatoes, coffee and more. I personally loved how they even had almond milk! It’s the little things that count. For lunch, they have a food truck on site and also offer a BBQ area if you wanted to bring your own food.

Long Point Eco Adventures Glamping

Long Point Eco Adventures Glamping

At night, everyone gathers around the fire with their glass of wine and chats. Lastly, not to worry if you get hot or cold at night. Heated blankets that have separate settings for each side of the bed and a fan are in the room!

What to do at Long Point Eco-Adventures

The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re looking to stay local or are willing to drive there’s honestly so much to do! I could definitely do another week. I’ve broken down the activities into local and driving distance to make it a little easier.


Burning Kiln Winery

  • Burning Kiln Winery – This winery was so good that we went twice! Located right across the road and I mean RIGHT it could be considered a crime if you don’t go. The first night we went for wine tasting and toured around the outside of the winery. They offer a full patio as well as indoor seating. They are dog-friendly too, with offering picnic tables just off to the side of the patio that you can sit with your pup. As mentioned we went twice. The next day we headed back for lunch and another glass of wine. The staff was super sweet with offering a table in the back that was just outside so we could sit with our pup still since it was a pretty raining day. Not to mention, the food was delicious.
  • Zip Lining – Oh man was this fun! With 8 zip lines, 2 suspension skybridges, 14 platforms and a 40-foot rappel if you’re in for a thrill, then you have to try it. Make sure to check my YouTube video of my weekend for the footage!
  • Moutain Biking – Right outside our suite were the mountain biking trails but you could also hike these as well. If you own amountainn bike, don’t forget to bring it.
  • Stargazing Observatory –  I think I was most excited for this activity. Long Point Eco-Adventure is the home to the 2nd largest public telescope with Western Univesity being the 1st. The 16” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope is capable of revealing celestial objects 10,000 times fainter than the faintest objects visible to the naked eye! We got to see Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon.

Driving Distance

  • Turkey Point – Only a 5-minute drive away is Turkey Point. Offering relaxing beaches and more hiking trails.
  • Port Dover – If you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach or to stroll a little town, Port Dover is a place you’ll want to check out. It’s only a 20-minute drive from Long Point Eco-Adventures.

Like I said, there are SO many things to do around the area.

Where to Eat at Long Point Eco-Adventures

The Combine Pizza and Nachos in Norfolk County

The Combine – If you love pizza as much as me, then you have to go here. Located in Simcoe, about a 20-minute drive from Long Point Eco-Adventures is The Combine. Using a handmade brick oven and ingredients that are picked from their own garden their pizzas are one of a kind. I tried the Mediterranean pizza which had grilled artichoke, cracked olives + roasted red peppers topped w/chèvre, arugula + tomato salad. It did not disappoint. I also tried the nachos – how could I not? They were the perfect snack before the pizza.

Burning Kiln Winery

Burning Kiln Winery- As mentioned above, we had lunch the 2nd day at the winery across the road – Burning Kiln. I opted for the grilled cheese (I like cheese obviously) which had Poached Pear, Mozzarella, Brie and Parmesan Cheese on 11 Grain Honey Bread. Adam opted for the Daily Special Burger and Poutine. I can’t speak on how the burger was but I can say he ate is pretty fast. Since it was Canada Day, we shared the poutine…well I made him share it. Overall, they offer a great dining experience and location that can’t be beaten.

Sandbar on the Beach Turkey Point

Sandbar on the Beach – Located about a 5-minute drive from the Long Point Glamping is a cute pub that overlooks the water. If you like a patio, pub type of restaurant like myself than make sure you head here for lunch or dinner. We went for dinner on the 2nd night and lucked out on getting a patio seat that was close to the water. You might see a trend here, but I ordered the wonton nachos while Adam ordered wings. I like to think of myself as a Nacho Connoisseur and these definitely passed the test.

Be sure to check out my friends Mandy from Sparkle Shiny Love post from her experience at Long Point Eco Adventures!

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