DIY Wire Headband Tutorial

DIY Wire Headband

My hair may look somewhat decent in the photo above. However, if I’m being honest a messy bun is a style I like to rock more than I should admit. It’s the perfect hairstyle for beach days, pool days, and well, just every day. I remember loving these headbands while I was living overseas in South Korea so thought why not re-create them?  The video below shows the simple tutorial on how to create these DIY Wire Headbands in just a few steps. The best thing about this DIY is that there is an option for no sewing and all you really need is some scrap fabric (or even fabric from old clothing) and wire. I picked up my fabric at a local store from their discount bin. The wire can also be found at a craft store or be sure to check your local dollar store.

Not a fan of hair bands? Try wrapping one of these wire bands around a summer hat. It will instantly change the look of the hat, giving you ENDLESS options for the summer. Be sure to check out my other summer DIYS like my DIY Donut Beach Tube!

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Watch the DIY Wire Headbands Tutorial


DIY Wire Headband

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