20 Quick & Easy Packing Tips Using a Carry-On Suitcase

20 Easy Packing Tips

I’ll be honest – I hate packing for a trip. It makes me so anxious as I’m always thinking that I forgot something. I have got better at it over the years, as they say, practice makes perfect. Still not quite at the perfect point but I truely believe that knowing how to pack is half the battle of packing whilst knowing what to pack is the other.

With a recent NYC trip coming up, thanks to my friends at Expedia, I thought I would combine some of my favourite travel tips and who knows maybe it will help you pack lighter! Check out my top 20 packing tips below and be sure to watch my Easy Packing Tips Video for additional tips.

20 Easy Packing Tips

  1. Make a list of items that you need to bring
  2. Plan your list by planning each outfit out. Day outfits, Night outfits, etc.
  3. Roll your clothing to fit more items
  4. Using packing cubes to sort your items into different categories to find things easier
  5. Bring a tote to place dirty laundry in
  6. Check the forecast for your destination before packing
  7. Pack mostly neutral items
  8. Stick to packing versatile items that can be worn again
  9. Limit your shoes to one comfy pair and a going-out pair
  10. Pack a scarf – you can use it as a pillow on the plane
  11. Bring a backpack as your ‘purse’ – you’ll be able to use this to bring your electronics and other camera gear
  12. Use a suitcase with wheels – it will be easy to lug around
  13. Pack all your flight info/passport first and keep them in a safe spot
  14. Ask other people who have travelled to your destination for tips
  15. If you’re going somewhere cold, think layers. Pack items that can be worn under others to say warm (Check video for tips)
  16. Pack a DIY pharmacy kit (Watch the DIY Packing Video to see what’s in mine)
  17. Opt for bringing a tablet over a computer. They use less space and are much lighter
  18. Leave the towels at home – most hotels and resorts will have this for you to use
  19. Pack one warm sweater than can used with multiple outfits. Sweaters are bulking and can take up a lot of suitcase space
  20. Don’t slip stuff in your suitcase just because you have ‘room’. You’re mostly likely to purchase something on your trip

Watch my YouTube video for additional tips and to see how I packed light for my NYC trip!

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