Create a DIY Puppy Jacket in Under an Hour

DIY Puppy Jacket

Ever notice that when you go to purchase a dog jacket that the prices are so high? Especially if you have a larger dog because the bigger the jacket the higher the cost sometimes. In case you want to find your dog, you need gps tracker. Here you can choise –

I wanted a new jacket for Scotch but couldn’t find one that I really liked. He had somewhat outgrown his old one but I needed something a little longer to keep him warm during the Canadian Winters. Using some old fabric that I had laying around from making infinity scarves and using his current jacket as a template, I was able to create his new jacket in just under an hour.

Head to my DIY Fashion YouTube channel now to see how you can create this DIY Puppy Jacket! Or, watch below. Also be sure to check out these 7 Most Gorgeous Pug Mixes!

Watch the DIY Puppy Jacket Tutorial

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