Last Minute Christmas Cookies

Last Minute Christmas Cookies Desserts


Last Minute Christmas Cookies Desserts

The other week I had some friends over and was trying to think of a yummy treat to create. I wanted something easy since I didn’t have a lot of time available but also something that looked festive. That’s where these holiday cookies came into play.

How to Create These Last Minute Christmas Cookies:

  1. Purchase either white chocolate chips or green and red chocolate melts from a bulk store
  2. Melt Chocolate down in microwave
  3. Add food colouring if needed
  4. Dip one side of the cookie into the melted chocolate
  5. Place onto wax paper – it might seem like the one side of the cookie will have the chocolate removed but once cooled it will peel right off the wax/parchment paper
  6. Top with sprinkles
  7. Put into the fridge for an hour till cooled

Be sure to also check out my YouTube video for Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas.

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