Caryl Baker Visage The Signature Facial Review

Caryl Baker Visage The Signature Facial Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out Caryl Baker Visage’s newest facial called The Signature Facial. It’s the first branded facial to Caryl Baker Visage. It’s a 60 minute, multi-faceted skin care solution powered by pure, potent ingredients and new generation technology. Professional-use 3D Serum with Idealift contouring ‘gravity control’ and 3D Anti-aging Bio-cellulose Sheet Face Mask with nourishing Coconut Milk.

Now let’s get into the actual experience. I booked The Signature Facial with the Visage location at Mapleview Centre as it’s the closest one to my house and I already go there on a regular basis for eyebrow waxing. Side Note: BEST place EVER for eyebrow waxing. I won’t trust anyone else with my brows.

I met with Toni, who is the owner of the Mapleview location. She talked me through the steps of the facial and what I was to expect. I appreciated hearing all this as during the facial, depending on how sensitive your skin is, you might feel a tingle sensation. Personally wasn’t affected by this and barely felt it.

We started off my cleansing my skin, which felt like getting a mini face massage – so relaxing after a long day at work. Next,  was a gentle exfoliation and a quick analyse of my skin to check my pores and any skin irritations that I might have had.

Caryl Baker Visage The Signature Facial Review

Caryl Baker Visage The Signature Facial ReviewBefore applying the facial, a 3D Lifting Serum is applied which is a highly concentrated elixir that helps to improve any sagging on the skin. The Hyaluronic Acid in the serum helps to firm and smooth your skin leaving it super soft. Finally, is the mask! The three-layered mask includes an intensive moisture mask to form to the skin, a fibre membrane mask that is covered with a fleece over-layer and then a nylon top layer to seal in the actives. And, yes I did take a photo of myself with the mask on to show you guys what it looked like, even if I do look like a ghost!

The mask is left on for 15 minutes and during that time I received hand massage while listening to soft music in the background.

Overall, I loved the experience and experienced little redness to my skin after the facial. Since I was the most nervous about coming out with bright-red skin, and I had very little redness, I was very satisfied!

Thanks, Caryl Baker Visage at Mapleview for your amazing service! The facial is currently discounted to $98 from $140 – so book soon! Find your local Caryl Baker Visage here. 


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