My Christmas Holiday Wear | Arti Gogna Canadian Designer

Arti Gogna Canadian DesignerThis holiday season, I was lucky I didn’t have too many holiday parties to go to, but I did have one and I wanted to ensure I had the perfect dress to wear to it. I recently had the opportunity to try out one of Canadian Designer, Arti Gogna dresses. I opted for a short black dress with side cut outs. I wanted something that would look classy for the party but also something that I could wear again for different occasions.

What I liked the best was the dress didn’t loose it’s shaping throughout the night and I was sitting the majority of the time (the drive and the dinner). This is a huge priority for me. Have you ever been going to a party and you look all fab and then from sitting in the car, it starts saggy out in the bum? It’s not fun!

Arti Gogna Canadian Designer

Arti Gogna Canadian Designer



What do you guys think of this dress? Do you like opting for Canadian Designers?

Dress: Arti Gogna c/o | Shoes: Call it Spring

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