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DIY Leg Warmers Tutorial

DIY Leg Warmers

DIY Leg Warmers – Yay! Creating your own items can be a lot of fun and rewarding, like these DIY leg warmers! I’ve had this old sweater that has been sitting in my closet for ages and then it went to the sell box, etc and finally made it back into my closet as I really liked the fabric and thought it could eventually be used as a DIY. I’ve never worn leg warmers before, but I kept seeing them on Pinterest and thought that the old cable knit sweater would be the perfect material for it. It turned out that these DIY Leg Warmers were actually really easy to make and the leg warmers look awesome under a pair of taller boots.

Now you’re probably thinking….what am I going to do with the rest of the sweater? I know..I hate wasting things as well!  You could use the bottom of the sweater to create a pair of mittens and just use an old pair as a trace/outline. You could also you the bottom to create a hat OR cut around the waist of the sweater and create a simple scarf. The options are ENDLESS!

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