Discover Your Wild Side with Dixie Outlet Mall



Dixie Outlet Mall has started a new campaign “She Who Hunts Finds” that I am happy to be a part of! Dixie Outlet Mall is one of Canada’s largest enclosed outlet shopping center that has more than 130 stores! This fall season Dixie Outlet Mall wants you to discover your Wild Side by taking a short online quiz to find out what your Shopping Persona is! How fun is that? The quiz consists of 7 quick questions which will ultimately lead you to your Shopping Persona! In the end there are persona’s that you could be including:

  • The Wolf
  • The Lioness
  • The Peacock
  • The Swan
  • The Eagle

I could tell you what each one means, but that would ruin the fun! Try and take a guess of what animal you are and then head over to and take the quiz. Head back here when your and leave me a comment of what your Shopping Persona was! I ended up being The Lioness – Fiercely fashion forward with an untamed sense of style and proud to take care of the shopping for the whole family! While I don’t have any kids I do assist my boyfriend when shopping as well as my brother and mom also come to me for fashion advice so I would say it was pretty darn accurate!

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I’m going to be heading to Dixie Mall soon for a shopping challenge and putting my Lioness Shopping Persona to the test! With Fall (sadly) around the corner, I’m going to be on the hunt for a new pair of boots and possibly a fall vest/light jacket. Check out just some of the items that have caught my eye below! Also stay tuned as I might just have a giveaway for you to win our own shopping spree at Dixie Mall!


  1. Kim C
    August 20, 2015 / 12:26 pm

    I’m an eagle.