Spring Cleaning Means Time to Donate

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Are you a hoarder? The keeper of all your bad fashion choices and old clothes?

I can definitely be a pretty bad hoarder of my old clothes, even pieces that I haven’t worn in a year or two! Some of you might know that I recently moved out of my apartment and into my first house just a couple months ago. Once I moved in and was trying to organize my new closet, I started to really see how many clothes I had. It was out of control. I ended up filling up two closets, one in my office and the other closet that’s in the spare bedroom. I use the main one for items that are in season and store away the pieces I don’t need in the spare closet.

With spring just arriving, I knew it was time to get moving on my spring-cleaning duties and get my house organized. I put aside a full afternoon, blared the radio and started going through all my clothes. I made a rule in my head that if I hadn’t touched or worn the piece of clothing in over a year, it was going in the donate pile. I definitely suggest making the piles, as it made the sorting so much easier.

I’m going to be donating most of my items to Value Village as they make it simple and quick to donate compared to alternative options. All you have to do it place all your unwanted items (they could be clothes, jewelry, home décor, or shoes) in a box and bring them to your local store. When you walk through the main doors, you will see a donate bin where you can place all your unwanted items. Simple as that!

I honestly couldn’t believe how many items ended up on my futon, ready to donate. It actually felt so good. I finally had hangers again to hang the clothes I actually wear on a regular basis. Below is a small sneak preview of just some of the items I am looking to donate.

Be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram over the next couple weeks, as I will be showcasing the different types of items that I will be donating.  It might just give you an idea on what to donate from your homes to move ahead with your spring cleaning.

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Lastly, don’t forget to look around Value Village for yourself, because you could find a hidden treasure. My favourite time to go is when they have their 50%-off sales. If you sign up for their email notifications, they will send you reminders of when they are holding the sale at your location.

Value Village is more than your favourite thrift store- they also support nonprofit organizations like Canadian Diabetes Association and Developmental Disabilities Association, and HMHB, in your community. Remember to donate your reusable items to local nonprofits at Value Village!  In addition to supporting the nonprofit, you’ll also be helping planet Earth.  Value Village, Good n’ Thrifty!


Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Value Village via Mode Media Canada.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Value Village.