5 Tips That Will Get You Ready for Fashion Week


World MasterCard Fashion Week is right around the corner and if you have ever been to a Fashion Week before you know that it can be exhausting. Although Fashion Week is a blast, it can be long days of wearing heels and running around to different shows. To help you get ready I’ve shared some of my tips that help me stay organized and fashion-ready for no matter what comes my way.

Tip 1: Print off the Fashion Week timetable and highlight the selected shows you are attending as well as write down the location, time and contact number beside each show title.


Tip 2: Pack a pair of slip on flats in your clutch for the sore feet you are most likely going to have at some point. There are tons of brands out there that now offer slip on shoes but my two favourites are Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats and Fit in Clouds foldable flats. Fit in Clouds, has a variety of different style and what I like the most is the extra padding they have in the heel area. Your feet will thank you!


Tip 3: Bring along a MYTAGALONGS kit in your purse or bag. They have different options such as the SOS Beauty Kit which includes a compact pink case containing everything you could possibly need to ensure you look your best (2 black hair elastics, 2 dental floss, 2 cleansing wipes, 2 bobby pins, 2 clear hair elastics, 2 bandages, 2 earring backs, 2 nail polish remover wipes, 2 double sided apparel tape, a comb, a nail file, tweezers and a sewing kit).

If you prefer something a bit smaller try the MYTAGALONGS Fashion Emergency Pin Up Tin that includes apparel tape, bar clip, gel foot cushions, a sewing kit and double sided apparel tape. This package is super small and can easily fit into your clutch during Fashion Week.

PrintTip 4: If you’re an out of towner, consider getting a hotel for a night or two. The worst is when you have a late night and then you have to go back to the same spot early the next day. Getting a hotel for the night can allow you to get that little bit of extra sleep that will give you that extra energy the next day. Try using Hotel Tonight for affordable hotels that are close to your location.

Tip 5: Lastly, attend the shows with your best friends and have a blast!