eLUXE x Amore & Vita Collaboration

eLUXE is thrilled to announce an exciting new collection set to launch today: Amore & Vita, exclusive to eLUXE. Amore & Vita (AmoreandVita.com) is the artistic vision of Canadian actress and star of Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell, and best friend/business partner Michaela Blaney, who have designed a limited edition clothing collection to serve as an extension of this creative vision.

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The Amore & Vita collection embodies their creative and passionate outlook, featuring graphic tees and tanks designed by Shay and Michaela in celebration of their website re-launch and re-brand. As a growing global platform eLUXE is excited to launch yet another extension of their thesis, to empower the digital community with the tools needed to create their own merchandise lines.

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“We’ve had an exciting year at eLUXE bringing our customer the embodiment of their influencer’s style through our exclusive collections and couldn’t be more thrilled to end 2014 on such a high note with the Amore & Vita collection. “ Said eLUXE CEO, Duke Mckenzie of the partnership.

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eLUXE has established themselves as the leading platform to empower the digital community with the opportunity to become the CEO and Creative Director of their own merchandise lines, while taking no risk. Amore & Vita, the latest collection in their exciting series promises to once again deliver the cool and distinct fashion outlook that has become synonymous with the eLUXE brand.

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“Amore & Vita is a lifestyle website showcasing our love and passion for everything in our life and creating a creative community.  It is the things we envelop ourselves in on a daily basis and want to share with everyone else: from fashion, to health, cooking and beauty.” Said the pair of their latest effort.


eLUXE is the largest global platform to deliver merchandise lines designed by the digital celebrity community. Serving as an ecommerce platform, eLUXE gives Digital Talent the tools needed to create their own merchandise lines, risk free. eLUXE fosters the digital celebrity vision through their network which encourages Talent to cultivate, create, design, manufacture, promote, market and sell their exclusive collections to their fans. This novel approach by eLUXE encourages the Influencer to connect with their fans like never before.

MORE ABOUT Amore & Vita

From fashion, to health, cooking and beauty Shay Mitchell and Michaela Blaney of Amore & Vita are the undeniable voices of their generation. The dazzling duo are the champions of cool, the pioneers of pretty and a lethal combination of talent and remarkable vision.