Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas may be a month away but it will creep up before you know it, which means we can all start decorating our homes! I’m a huge fan of decorating my home for any holiday but Christmas is my favourite. This could be because I am finally a homeowner and will be in my new house for Christmas so decorating ideas and pieces makes be extremely jolly.

I never thought I would spend so much time in home stores such as Rona but as my closing date creeps up I am finding myself strolling through the isles of these stores weekly. LED candles are one item that’s on my wish list for Christmas decorations as you can have them set on a timer so they are on when you get home from work each day – how fun! Plus you will never have to worry about children or a pet knocking them over.

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Another favourite for the holiday season is anything and everything with Reindeer on them. Maybe it’s because they are cute? Or maybe because I feel like they represent Christmas perfectly. These little lanterns could be placed around your house or maybe on your front porch for when guests are arriving and they would pair perfectly with the LED candles shown above. As Smoky the Bear says “Only YOU can prevent forest fires!”. [row ] [col span=”1/4″ ] rona-christmas-decorations-2
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Lastly, my other holiday favourites are snow globes, artificial snow to place around the rims of windows and decorative window stickers that don’t leave sticky marks once they are removed. These small home Christmas decor items are always fun to place around the home but I’d be lying if I say I didn’t like those big inflatable or illuminated figures that people place outside their homes. I might not pick one up this season as I will be moving into my new home and will be having so much unpacking to do but next year don’t act surprised if you see a huge snowman greeting you at my door.

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What are your favourite Christmas/Holiday pieces to place around your home? Let me know in the comments!