My Favourite Fall Transition Pieces

This post has a bunch of my favourite pieces for transitioning into Fall. First are my Vince Camuto sandals that I have talked about a few times, they never hurt my feet so I want to wear them all the time! Secondly, my William Rast Jeans, they fit like a glove and are a soft denim so I’m not ripping them off as soon as I get home like some other pants I own. Next, is a jean jacket, it’s the perfect coat for those in between days and it will keep you the perfect temperature. The shirt is from Levis and although it is seen through if you add a tank top underneath it or add a scarf on top like I did to stop your bra from showing, unless you want it too, then props to you! I won’t lie, every time I wear this scarf I want a bowl of Fruit Loops.

So overall top transition pieces I recommend for Fall are:

  • Jean Jacket
  • Comfy Jeans
  • Light weight scarf
  • A pair of sandals that still keep your feet somewhat covered





Top: Levis | Scarf: Marshalls | Jacket: Forever 21 | Jeans: William Rast | Shoes: Vince Camuto