Jeans That Will Make Your Bum Look Good

I’ve always had a really hard time finding jeans, they either don’t fit right in a certain area or are way too long for me and I feel like I am rolling them half of the jeans up (problems of a 5’3 at max person). The online store Eclipse, approached me and asked if I wanted to try a few things out and in the end they sent me these jeans and the scarf in these photos. The jeans are their YMI Wannabettabutt brand, how awesome is that name? What I like most about the jeans is that they don’t stretch out as you wear them. You could actually wear these jeans a few times and the shape will still be there. As for sizing, try going one size down and I’m usually a size 3 and they sent me a size 1. I remember seeing the size and was like no way are these going to fit, but with the stretch to them, it worked. On sale for $30 bucks now, I’m probably going to purchase a few more jeans, these fitted overalls are calling my name I think!



orange-shoesJeans & Scarf: Eclipse c/o | Top: Dynamite | Cardigan: Target Canada | Jacket: Danier