7 Summer Essentials You’ll be Glad You Have

I’m always in such a rush when it comes to summer days and running out to different pool parties and family functions that I have started to keep a little make up bag full of all the essentials that I could need. I like to keep this bag either in my normal day bag or by the front door in case I am switching bags for the day.

I have found the little bag has kept me more organized and ready for anything. So what do I keep in this bag? It might not look like a lot but everything sure does come in handy.


  • Cover Up with a Mirror – I like to always have a powder on hand to reduce the look of any redness or shine on my face.
  • Small Mascara – You never know what’s going to happen after a pool party or where it may lead. Adding just a touch of mascara to my eyes makes me feel a little more ready to head out.
  • Lip Chap – Never leave the house without a lip chap in the summer. Simple as that!
  • Travel Sunscreen – I keep this with me as sometimes I forget to apply sunscreen before leaving the house and while this little bottle won’t be enough to cover my body it will protect my face from harmful sun rays.
  • Perfume – These little bottles from Dynamite are perfect for travel or for the purse. After sweating all day by a pool, you’ll be glad you have these.
  • Tweezers – Got a splinter from a deck? Found a last minute stray? Keep a pair of Tweezerman’s in your purse as they have many uses.
  • Hair Ties and Bobby Pins – There are so many times I have been out and just wanted a freakin’ hair tie. I learned my lesson enough times that I keep some on hands at all times.

Do you have a Summer Essential Bag?

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  1. Victoria Ess
    August 11, 2014 / 8:27 am

    My essentials are mascara and lip balm with spf!