Get Bubbly With SodaStream

SodaSteam is a home drinkmaker that will carbonate water and give you the bubbly-ness taste that you get from your favourite sodas. Instead of having to drink a typical Soda, SodaStream allows you to carbonate things like Pink Lemonade, Orange-Mango Juice, or anything your heart desires, with the wide selection of flavour bottles they offer. The best part? It’s as easy as 1,2,3 (okay, maybe a few more steps at the beginning but it’s easy!) to create your favourite carbonated drink.

SodaStream retails for anywhere between $89.99 – $149.99. Check out the different models here.

You can also purchase multiple flavour bottles from $6.99 and additional reusable bottles and carbonation tanks at an affordable price!

How to Use a SodaStream:

1. Press the tilt lever and remove the bottle from the drink maker.

2. Remove the back cover.

3. Remove the valve seal and cap from the cylinder valve. Insert the cylinder into the drinksmaker and screw it tightly into the cylinder holder. Place the back cover back on.

4. Add cold water to the fill line.

5. Press the tilt lever and screw the bottle into the drinksmaker.

6. Press the carbonating button that’s on the top of the machine until you hear the buzz. Make sure to release the button between presses. About 3 buzzes will produce a standard fizz, and press more for a stronger fizz.

7. Press the tilt lever and unscrew the bottle. Add your desired flavour and  and pour into a glass and place the cap on the bottom to save the remaining soda for later.


Press the two side buttons to open the back, to insert the carbonation cylinder.



Add your desired flavour AFTER your have carbonated the water.


Top Button – Carbonation Button | Front Button – Tilt Lever




I have really enjoyed using the SodaStream as I love anything carbonated and I find it has made it easier to enjoy my favourites drinks anytime I want. Big bottles of your favourite Soda, can go flat so quick in your fridge and always trying to re-stock cans can be a pain. I like being able to make a simple soda water, at ant time – especially when my girlfriends are coming over for some cocktails.

Be sure to ONLY carbonate water with your SodaStream, as you can risk damaging your machine. Add your desired flavour after you had carbonated your water.

Having the 12 sampler pack in the cupboard will also make it easier when you are entertaining because you are guaranteed to have a  flavour of drink your guests enjoy to go with drink.


Need some inspiration? Try these delicious cocktails.

Basil Yuzu MojitoSodaStream-recipe-2-Basil-Yuzu-Mojito

  • Basil 1⁄2 handful
  • Mint 1⁄2 handful
  • Yuzu zest 1 bar spoon
  • Yuzu juice 1.5 oz
  • Lime  cordial1 oz
  • Lime juice 1⁄2 oz

Add ice to shaker, add 1.5 oz Bacardi superior white rum and top up with SodaStream Mojito flavoured Soda







Ginger Tarragon Lemonadesparkling-tarragon-gin-lemonade-sodastream

  • 2 oz  Vodka
  • Bar spoon ginger
  • Pinch Tarragon
  • 1 oz Chamomile syrup

Combine above ingredients and top up with SodaStream Lemon-Lime flavoured Soda. Strain into a Highball glass.










Sparkling RoseSAMSUNG

  • 4oz Sparkling SodaStream Ocean Spray Cranberry Raspberry
  • 1/4oz Rose Water
  • 1/2oz Campari
  • 1 1/2oz Raspberry Vodka

To make sparkling cran-raspberry: Fill SodaStream bottle to line, carbonate on highest option, slowly add 50mls of SodaStream Ocean Spray Cranberry Raspberry syrup

To Build Cocktail: In Champagne flute pour rose water, Campari, and raspberry vodka, top with sparkling Cranberry and Raspberry Soda, garnish with edible flower petal.

SodaStream retails for anywhere between $89.99 – $149.99. Check out the different models here.

You can also purchase multiple flavour bottles from $6.99 and additional reusable bottles and carbonation tanks at an affordable price!