DIY :: Boyfriends Dress Shirt = New Skirt

This is one of my boyfriends old dress shirts he never wears
…half way though the project he decided to tell me he wanted it back…good thing he was joking because it was already chopped up a lot!

Cut just under the sleeves
Cut off the yoke of the shirt (the rest of the back)
or you can use a sleeve.
Cut into two pieces.
Sew together the raw edges to make them a tube.
Take one of the tubes and cut it to half the circumference of your waist or where you want the top of the skirt to lay
Take the 2nd tube and cut it into 2 quarters of the circumference of your waist

Cut off a piece from the sleeve where the buttons are, match it up to the size of your other tube pieces

Do that with both sides of the button, (button and button holes)
Sew one of each to one of the quarter tubes. As shown below
You now have your waist band
Pin the waist band around the bottom of the skirt, evenly spreading out the pleating. 
Make sure the place the waist band on the outside, if you have to hem the bottom of the band to create a  smooth look.
And done! Minus some ironing that mine needs 😉 
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