CIBC Run For the Cure Shoe Design

So, I just found out that I am one of the top 8 finalists for the CIBC Run for the Cure Shoe Design Contest!

I would really appreciate any votes you can give me and if you could post this on your own personal blogs/websites. I will definitely return the favor whenever needed.

My Design is #4, the yellow and black ‘boxing gloves’ to help fight cancer and to find a cure!

This is my entry blurb for my design:

A boxer is someone who is tough, strong, brave, a fighter. I believe that everyone that has/had Cancer share the same traits. This is why I designed my shoes to represent boxing gloves. I did this contest in honour of my Aunt, who I lost to lung cancer. My Aunt, Cheryl was living out west and passed away when I was very little. Due to the distance between us and my age I feel we never got as close as we could have if she still still around. I only got to see her every summer, when she would fly down to visit. I do believe that she was a fighter and was very brave to stay as strong as she did during her illness. 

I made the gloves yellow to represent the Daffodil Flower and included my aunt’s name Cheryl, on the side. On the back, I’ve written the words “Fight Cancer” to represent that Cancer is beatable, and one day we will have a cure. If we continue to have fundraisers such as this one, and promote awareness, we will defeat this disease.”

Remember shoe #4, and please post this on your FB, Twitter or anything, as the winner is determined by the amount of votes.

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