Ice Teas for Summer

Over the weekend, I headed out for a little shopping and headed to Davids Tea first to have something to sip on while walking around the mall. I’ve been a tea binge lately and decided to go on a little splurge and pick up the Davids Tea Ice Tea Takeya pitcher. Maybe it’s because of all the commercials I’ve been seeing or the promos where if you buy the Iced Tea Travel Mug you can get $1 refills for the whole summer!

The Takeya Ice Tea Pitcher, allows you to make a large batch of your favourite flavours and it’s so easy! All you do is add 8 spoons full of your desired tea to the mesh filter and fill the pitcher half way with hot water. After you let the tea brew, take out the filter and fill the rest of the pitcher with ice. The pitchers are leak proof and BPA proof.


With buying the pitcher, I need to buy more teas of course! I spotted the beautifully packaged Summer Set that contains 5 teas and a set of agave sticks that you can add to any tea for added sweetness. I started reading the flavours of teas that were included, Sangria, Mango Fruit Punch, Just Peachy, Shooting Star Fruit and Watermelon Mint and I was instantly sold. I was going to pick up a flavour called Pink Lemonade, but sadly they were all sold out.

I think these teas and pitcher are going to be put to good use during the whole summer. The first flavour I made was the Sangria and was delicious. Next time I make it I think I’m going to add some fresh fruit for more of a Sangria look. I’ve also made the Watermelon Mint and Mango Fruit Punch, both were amazing as well. I love the look of all the fresh ingredients when I open a new bag of tea from David’s.


Mango Fruit Punch


Watermelon Mint



*This was not a sponsored post. I have personally enjoyed the service at David’s Tea and the quality of the teas and products over the years and wanted to share my experiences.

  • Megan Joy

    The feeling is mutual. I love their teas, plus they always offer such a great in-store experience (in my experience). I’m loving the Watermelon Mint!

  • Eldon

    I have seen this in the store but definitely want one after reading your post!

  • Anne Taylor

    Love this tea shoppe! That Iced Tea maker is lovely! I’m going to check David’s Tea next time I go there and see if I can find one!