DIY Puppy Jacket

Create a DIY Puppy Jacket in Under an Hour

Ever notice that when you go to purchase a dog jacket that the prices are so high? Especially if you have a larger dog because the bigger the jacket the higher the cost sometimes. I wanted a new jacket for Scotch but couldn’t find one that I really liked. He had somewhat outgrown his old one but I needed something a little longer to keep him warm during the Canadian…

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DIY Hand Knitted Scarf, Easier than Arm Knitting

DIY Hand Knitted Scarf | Easier Than Arm Knitting

I’ve been wanting to try arm knitting for such a long time but I was afraid of starting and not being able to finish it. Could you imagine? Stuck with a tonne of fabric on my arms and nowhere to put it. Maybe this wouldn’t happen with a scarf but if I was to arm knit a blanket, it for sure would! With that said, today I bring you a DIY Hand…

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DIY Crop Top Patch Sweater

DIY Lace Up Sweater

DIY Lace Up Sweater DIY Crop Top Patch Sweater New DIY YouTube Video is up and this week it’s DIY Sweater Ideas! With the winter finally arriving, I thought it was time to switch the DIYs over to winter ones. Living in Canada, we need to find cute sweaters! These two DIY Sweater ideas are perfect for revamping any old sweaters you may have.  The first DIY Sweater is a…

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DIY Shoe Hacks

DIY Shoe Hacks + SKECHERS Giveaway

These DIY Shoe Hacks will save your shoes this fall and winter! When I tried #3 in the video, I was shocked at how well it actually worked. Who knew vinegar could do that and save your little suede booties? Don’t forget to check out the video for your chance to win a pair of SKECHERS Shoes. The description of the video will tell you all the details on how…

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