DIY No Citric Acid Bath Bombs

Recently I got really hooked onto Bath Bombs, but like anything, they can add up if you keep buying them. This got me to thinking, do the DIY tutorials really work? I searched online and looked at a few recipes and decided to try this specific one – that’s in the video. A lot of the DIYs that I saw said to use citric acid. I found that this ingredient…

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DIY Rose Stamped Shirt

The Final Rose Bachelor Shirt | DIY Rose Stamped Shirt

Since The Bachelor is currently running on TV and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, what better T-shirt to make? I love the idea of using a simple stamp to turn an old t-shirt into something new. I’ve done it before with a Pineapple stamp for a cover-up, so I wanted to re-create the look for Valentine’s Day. All you need for this DIY Rose Stamped Shirt is a stamp…

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DIY Puppy Jacket

Create a DIY Puppy Jacket in Under an Hour

Ever notice that when you go to purchase a dog jacket that the prices are so high? Especially if you have a larger dog because the bigger the jacket the higher the cost sometimes. I wanted a new jacket for Scotch but couldn’t find one that I really liked. He had somewhat outgrown his old one but I needed something a little longer to keep him warm during the Canadian…

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DIY Hand Knitted Scarf, Easier than Arm Knitting

DIY Hand Knitted Scarf | Easier Than Arm Knitting

I’ve been wanting to try arm knitting for such a long time but I was afraid of starting and not being able to finish it. Could you imagine? Stuck with a tonne of fabric on my arms and nowhere to put it. Maybe this wouldn’t happen with a scarf but if I was to arm knit a blanket, it for sure would! With that said, today I bring you a DIY Hand…

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