What to Expect in Your 1st Trimester & TIPS

What to Expect in Your 1st Trimester

So you just found out you’re pregnant an now you’re wondering what to expect in your 1st trimester. I am no expert but I did want to share my personal tips on how on 1st trimester was and some tricks that I did and am still doing for a smoother pregnancy.

What to Expect in Your 1st Trimester

What You Should Get During Your 1st Trimester

  • Midwife – this is a personal choice but I’ve personally loved having mine.
  • Bio-Oil – this is the BEST product to help with stretch marks. I lather this on every night everywhere to the point I feel like a human slip and slide.
  • Pregnancy Pillow – the greatest thing I’ve got so far throughout my pregnancy. This is one I purchased on Amazon and have had no complaints.
  • Prenatal Vitamins – you might have been taking these before but definitely something you should be taking if you’re pregnant.

1st Trimester Tips Video

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