Easy DIY Champagne Hacks

Easy DIY Champagne Hacks

While champagne is mostly popular around New Year’s Eve, you can still enjoy these Easy DIY Champagne Hacks other times of the year. I enjoy making my glasses – especially during girls night – a little more festive looking.

I took to Pinterest and the world wide web to bring you some of my favourite champagne cocktail ideas. These were so fun to make and I might have eaten a lot of sorbet while filming this video. It was just sitting there in front of me…I had to!

Champagne Hack Ideas:

  • Use sprinkles to add a festive look around the rim of your glass
  • Add a scope of sorbet into the bottom of your glass
  • Stick a popsicle into the glass and pour champagne over top
  • Don’t like the taste of champagne? Add some juice first
  • Keep your drink colder longer by added frozen fruit

Easy DIY Champagne Hacks Video


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