10 Uses for Essential Oils with Thursday Plantation

10 Uses for Essential Oils

A lot of people just look at essential oils and think “Wow, these are strong, what would I use them for?” Well, I am here to save the day and answer those questions for you. There are so many ways to use essential oils that you will be heading back to the store to buy more.

Thursday Plantation was nice enough to send me a few bottles of their scents to try out. I was already a fan of essential oils and use them mostly at night to get a more relaxing sleep.

10 Uses for Essential Oils

Uses for Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Reduce redness and minimize signs of acne
  • Tea tree oil is effective against bacteria
  • Smelly Shoes? Add some to your shoes with water to eliminate any odors
Uses for Lavender Essential Oil
  • Add a few drops to your night cream and the scent will help you sleep better (or spray some on your pillow)
  • Add to a night bath for ultimate relaxation
  • Stressed? Add some lavender oil to your temples
Uses for Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Feeling Sick? Add 5ml of Eucalyptus oil to 500ml of hot water and inhale
  • Remove stains on clothes by adding some oil before washing the item
  • Help to relieve pain. Mix 5 drops with 10ml of vegetable oil and massage into affected area
  • Going to a sauna? Add some drops into the hot rocks. (one of my personal favorites)

And, there you have it! 10 uses for essential oils and honestly there are so much more I could go on forever. I would love to know in the comments below what you think and if you have tried essential oils in any other way.

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