Making Healthy Snacks with the T-Fal

I’m sure that you have heard about the T-Fal kitchen appliance before as they have been around for a couple years now but I just recently had the opportunity to test one out and it lived up to all my high expectations! So far I have cooked everything from deep fried pickles to chicken wings to french fries in my T-Fal and sadly those 3 items were all done in the same day. I’ve seriously been making my T-Fal work!

Instead of giving you one recipe for the T-Fal I thought I would review all the different items I have made in mine and the tell you the positives and negatives of each one.

Making Healthy Snacks with the T-Fal

Deep Fried Pickles in the T-Fal

Making Healthy Snacks with the T-Fal

To create deep fried pickles in the T-Fal I started by cutting pickles lengthwise and creating a crispy coat by dipping them first in cornstarch, then egg and lastly bread crumbs. I will admit, they did not turn out the same way as you would normally receive them at a bar, but they were pretty tasty. My tip would be to make sure that they are fully coated and maybe put them in the fridge for a bit before as the T-Fal can remove some of the breading while they are cooking.

French Fries in the T-Fal

I have tried this two different ways. First time I cut up a sweet potato and creating my own fries and cooked them for about 40 minutes in the T-Fal which turned out great and next was using store bought shoestring fries. I found using the store bought ones got a lot crispy than the sweet potatoes ones, but I think this was because they were cut a lot thinner. Either way, both were amazing!

If you LOVE French Fries like me, try buying the massive bag at Costco (they cook up so well in the T-Fal). Once cooked, place the fries on a plate and drizzle with Greek Salad Dressing and then top with some feta. You can thank me later!

Chicken Wings in the T-Fal

Making Healthy Snacks with the T-Fal

Now the BEST for lasts – CHICKEN WINGS! These turned out amazing! I used store bought chicken wings (not the frozen boxed kind) and cooked them for about 40-50 minutes in the T-Fal. Once they were cooked, I placed the wings in a plastic container and coated them with my favourite sauces. They were gone in record time.

I know all these instructions seem really simple but that’s because it is. The T-Fal really allows you to place just about anything in it and cooks it’s for you allowing you to focus on something else whether it’s blogging or cooking additional parts of your meal.